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With a refreshing and clear vision we offer personal and tailor-made advice.

Pension is a complex topic for many employers, works councils, entrepreneurs and private individuals. Our strength is to make this as clear and simple for everyone.

1. Overview

In just a few steps we give you an overview from your personals situation.

2. Insight

We give you insight in all the possibilities

3. Prospect

With a clear plan,  we work together towards a beautiful prospect

Our Services

Mela Pensioen offers various services aimed at specific target groups with their own wishes. Do you have a question and are you curious to what Mela Pensioen could do for you? Don’t hesitate to request a no-obligated conversation.


Pension advice for employers


Pension advice for entrepreneurs

Private individuals

Pension advice for private individuals

Professional advisors

Support for professional advisors in the field of pension

Insurance offices

Outsource your pension matters and advice to Mela Pensioen


Training for HR advisors and other professionals

We believe personal contact is the key
People do business with people.

We  are happy to visit you for a personal consultation. Ofcourse, a digital consultation is also a possibility.

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