Mela Pensioen offers various services aimed at specific target groups with their own wishes

Whether you are an employer, member of the works council, entrepreneur, self-employed, in private or professional advisor, almost everyone has to deal with pension. There are different options and possibilities for each segment. Mela Pensioen has the knowledge of different segments and groups.

1. Employer

Pension advice for employers

The employees within your company are of great value and you want to arrange a clear and good pension for them. Of course, the costs have to be manageable too. Mela Pensioen can balance this out for you with its specialist knowledge. From the wide range of pension providers we choose the best solution for you. We also make second opinions, in which we review your current pension scheme. Our services consist of:

  • Starting up a new pension scheme
  • Review and comparison of the existing pension plan and insurance contracts
  • Presentation of the pension plan to employees
  • Pension advice in the event of mergers or acquisitions
  • Supervision of the approval process towards the works council
  • Obligation issues regarding industry-wide pension funds
  • Sort out whether the pension plan is payable now and in the future
  • New pension act: Support and guidance creating a transition plan for the new pension act.

We are well aware that retirement is a difficult subject and a lot of hassle for a lot of employers. Communicating the pension scheme to the employees is a profession on it’s own. We can unburden you of all your worries and explain this difficult subject in a clear way to your employees. The employees are then fully informed about what you have arranged for them and what they can expect in the future on pensiondate.

Pension administration

For many employers, pension administration is very difficult. Mela Pensioen will administrate your pension contracts down to the last detail and will also, if desired, act as representative on your behalf to your insurer. The MK Adviesgroep, of which Mela Pensioen is part of, acts as your intermediary to the insurer.

2. The entrepreneur

Pension advice for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur you want a retirement plan that fits your situation completely. This is different for every entrepreneur and depends on different factors such as the phase in which your company is in, your private situation and of course your wishes. Mela Pensioen charts your situation and your wishes. On the basis of this sketch we design a suitable pension solution for you. Of course  this can also be done in consultation with your accountant. Important advice for every entrepreneur (head leader of big stockholders and Self-employed person):

  • What can I arrange for my next of kin?
  • What accrual options do I have as a head leader of big stockholders for my pension?
  • What accrual options do I have as a self-employed person?
  • Pension in Own Managment was abolished on 1 January 2017. What does this mean for me?
  • I have converted my Own pension a ODV? What’s next?
  • To what extent may your pension depend on the (sales) results of your company?

3. Private individuals

Pension advice for private individuals

For many private individuals, retirement is a difficult and elusive matter that is not given any attention. Nevertheless, many people need an overview of their pension situation. Mela pension carefully maps out people’s pension plans. We provide overview, insight and perspective so you know exactly where you stand. Important advice for private individuals:

  • How much pension will I receive when I stop working?
  • I want to stop working sooner, is that feasible?
  • What is arranged for my next of kin?
  • Do I have to do value transfer?
  • What are the consequences in case of illness or disability?
  • What happens to my pension if I resign?
  • What happens to my pension if I become unemployed ?
  • If I get divorced, what does this mean for my pension? And what choices do I have to make?

4. Professional advisors

Pension advice for professional advisors

For many professional advisors, including accountants, tax consultants, attorneys, insurance consultants, financial planners, HRM advisors, divorce mediators, organization consultants and salary software developers, Mela Pensioen is the place of contact for pension files. Whether it concerns self-management calculations, complex collective calculations, premium checks, fiscal and/or civil pension issues, you can contact us with your question.

5. Insurance offices

Pension advice for Insurance Offices

Outsource your pension matters & advice to us

Mela Pensioen services focuses on the intermediary that decides to outsource pension advice to pension specialists. Why choose to work with Mela Pensioen.

  • Your employer will be guided by a real specialist
  • The competition stays at a distance and you can focus on your specialism as an advisor.
  • The relationship with your customer remains intact through evaluation interviews with the employer and an advisor from Mela Pensioen.

6. The works council and HR advisors

Right of consent and advisory works council

When it comes to changes in the employment conditions, the employer will have to ask the Works Council for advice or consent. For example, changing the occupational health and safety service, the increase of the employee contribution in the pension scheme or the introduction of a WGA gap insurance.

As a Works Council, you look after the interests of your colleagues and you also have to weigh up the interests of the employer. So it is important to be well informed. These are often complex matters or matters whose long-term effects are difficult for you to oversee. Well-known examples are the change from an average pay pension to an available premium system, or the switch from a pension fund to an insurer.

The Works Council has the possibility and the right to choose its own advisor. It is important for the employer as well to have a informed Works Council so that they can be an excellent discussion partner when it comes to complex matters.

Mela Pension services for works councils:

  • Second-Opinion regarding advice and consent requests
  • Training Works Council members on pension and/or benefits
  • Workshops on specific topics
  • Supervision of Works Council projects in the field of pensions
  • Advice on complex benefit issues


Issues where Mela Pensioen can be of service to you:

  • Is the employer allowed to skimp the pension scheme?
  • Is the pension scheme still in line with the market?
  • Is it desirable to switch to another insurer?
  • Is the compensation offered sufficient?
  • Support and guidance on the new pension act.